Who is ahead in the 2020 US election polls- Biden or Trump?


Who is ahead in the 2020 US election polls- Biden or Trump? The Presidential elections will be taking place in the United States of America in November. There are two candidates biting each other’s ear off for the throne this term. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the candidates representing Republicans and Democrats respectively, that’s the biggest wrestling match in America. Both candidates have their separate following and vote banks. They are equally popular, for different things, obviously.

In the National polls, Biden is naturally ahead of Trump with a ten-point lead on certain occasions. In the battleground states where voters can change accordingly, Biden looks good. The same thing happened back in 2016 when Clinton was up against Trump, and Trump won with a clinch.

Biden is currently faring well in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, three Industrial Republican states won by Trump in last elections by a minute margin. However, Trump fanatic popularity has proved to defeat more rational candidates, for instance Clinton back in 2016.

Coronavirus affected the polls slightly when the pandemic hit, and Trump made 50 billion dollars available to the states for stopping the virus. Later, the support was withdrawn when other things came up. Trump’s support for people who aren’t willing to wear masks and his opening up of the country wasn’t a pleasant initiative which Americans were okay with.

The polls showed that Hillary would win because she was up by a few percent, and she did get more votes than Trump. But Trump’s cards weren’t entirely on the table, and the realization had hit very close to the elections. The polls aren’t entirely trustworthy because they only show people’s interests at a certain time, and they focus on votes and not battleground states and their inclinations. Let’s find out in November what’s in store for America this term.




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