About Us

It provides all the information about the City Mumbai. Mumbai is a metropolitan city, which means that it is used in its width. This Leads to many happenings around the city which needs to be notified to its citizens. The channel aims and providing age and every news in and around the city. You think anything related to Mumbai news, and it will be provided.

Today’s generation is very busy. They hardly get the time to spend with their families and friends. It would be unfair for the https://mumbaichibathi.com/ to expect that this busy generation would take out the time to go through every detail of the news. Therefore, the news is made to be short and crisp. A glance at the news will help them to get all the required information. This way they will be updated with the current affairs and also save time.

Since, the news is based on the city Mumbai, where people from all regions and cultures come to fulfill their dreams; it won’t be fair to expect that they are familiar with the local language. Therefore, the news is featured in two languages- Hindi and Marathi. This enables the news to reach out to more and more people.

News is very important as it enables the citizens of a country and the inhabitants of a particular region to get all the information. It is important to be aware of what is happening in the region and all over the world. If a person has a fair idea of the current events they will be able to prepare themselves for the future. For example, if there is a protest that is going to held the very next day, and they get notified about it from the local news channels, they will be able to plan the route for their office, schools, and colleges.

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