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Who is ahead in the 2020 US election polls- Biden or Trump?


Who is ahead in the 2020 US election polls- Biden or Trump? The Presidential elections will be taking place in the United States of America in November. There are two candidates biting each other’s ear off for the throne this term. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the candidates representing Republicans and Democrats respectively, that’s the biggest wrestling match in America. Both candidates have their separate following and vote banks. They are equally popular, for different things, obviously.

In the National polls, Biden is naturally ahead of Trump with a ten-point lead on certain occasions. In the battleground states where voters can change accordingly, Biden looks good. The same thing happened back in 2016 when Clinton was up against Trump, and Trump won with a clinch.

Biden is currently faring well in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, three Industrial Republican states won by Trump in last elections by a minute margin. However, Trump fanatic popularity has proved to defeat more rational candidates, for instance Clinton back in 2016.

Coronavirus affected the polls slightly when the pandemic hit, and Trump made 50 billion dollars available to the states for stopping the virus. Later, the support was withdrawn when other things came up. Trump’s support for people who aren’t willing to wear masks and his opening up of the country wasn’t a pleasant initiative which Americans were okay with.

The polls showed that Hillary would win because she was up by a few percent, and she did get more votes than Trump. But Trump’s cards weren’t entirely on the table, and the realization had hit very close to the elections. The polls aren’t entirely trustworthy because they only show people’s interests at a certain time, and they focus on votes and not battleground states and their inclinations. Let’s find out in November what’s in store for America this term.


Deepak Chahar tests negative twice, returns to CSK team hotel


Deepak Chahar tests negative twice, returns to CSK team hotel A few weeks ago, Deepak Chahar and one more cricketer had tested positive for the dreaded virus along with several other associates of the CSK contingent after reaching Dubai for the IPL.

Chennai Super King’s star pacer returned to the team hotel on Wednesday after testing negative twice. The IPL is supposed to start from September 19, where the maiden match is between the league’s champions, CSK and MI.

CSK CEO KS Vishwanathan told PTI on Wednesday, “Deepak Chahar has returned two tests negative and is all set to join his team members at the hotel.’’

However, the player will have to undergo the BCCI protocol. Chahar will undertake a cardiovascular test, which will further indicate the extent of his recovery, post which he will be tested for the virus again. If this time the test returns negative, he will be allowed to join the team training.

Deepak has completed his 14 day isolation period in a separate hotel. On being asked how many more days it will take for the seamer to comeback, Vishwanathan conceded, “It will entirely depend on his recovery. I cannot put a timeline but it will take at least four more days before we see Deepak training with his teammates. However, nothing is confirmed.”

CSK that saw an unfortunate return of Raina and Harbhajan is still struggling in banding their team together. However, with captain cool at the helm, CSK fans have little to worry about. The team coach and management sincerely believe in Dhoni and his capability to secure a win even in the direst of situations.

With Chahar back in the team bubble, it is possible that CSK re-writes history by winning an IPL season that is not happening in the country. The coronavirus pandemic has had its effects on other teams, too, but with BCCI’s concerted efforts to contain the virus, we hope everything fares well during the tournament.

Meet the ‘Hina Khan’ most desirable women.


Meet the ‘Hina Khan’ most desirable women. According to The Times 20, most desirable women on television who ranked no. 1 for continuously for 2 years is’Hina Khan’. Hina Khan became a sensation in the television industry. The gorgeous women, who wooed with her performance and attracted the audience ‘HinaKhan’. She bagged the first spot in time for the 2nd time in a row.


She played the iconic character ‘Akshara’ in yehRishtakyakehlatahai for many years and thus became the household name. She was then appreciated for her style in the big boss 11 and kasautiZindagikay 2, as komolika.


In the exclusive interview, Hina khan expressed her happiness for getting the 2nd time number one position.


It’s your 2nd year in a row as the most desirable woman on TV. What are your thoughts regarding the limelight?


TV gave me so much that I can’t even imagine. Tv gave me everything I ever thought of in my life. I respect the mode and everything I have today. I am overwhelmed with the title I got the most desirable woman and I am blessed to have it. The journey was remarkable. God has always kind me and guided me well in every aspect and always secured me. I strongly acknowledged doing various things and characters is a real challenge for me in my life.


According to Hina khan, what makes you the most desirable woman?


She answered the way I portray every character which connects me directly to the audience. The characters that are offered to me are very different from me, so I try to connect with the role and bring the best out of me. Also, I put a lot of effort into all my rules with a mixture of real, sexy, probable, and dreamy, etc. So, I strongly agree with this title.


On the personal front, Hina khan has some interesting films and web series in her pocket.



Who is ahead in the 2020 US election polls- Biden or...

Who is ahead in the 2020 US election polls- Biden or Trump? The Presidential elections will be taking place in the United States of...


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